Frequently Asked Questions

Essay Contest

How do I enter?
First, scroll down and read the Official Rules. Most questions can be answered there.

Second, use the online entry form for the quickest and most secure way to tell us about your dream! Or, if you will be sending your entry through the mail, read the rules again for WHAT information we need and WHERE to send it.

That's it! 

What does it mean when you say 'don't include identifying information in your essay"? I want to tell you about myself!
Of course you do, and we want to hear it! We mean that - since we are doing everything possible to keep things anonymous - you should absolutely not use your real names in your essay, or phrases like, "I was Cynthia's roommate in 1985" because that is a specific person that we will be able to identify without lifting our eyes from the page. Saying 'I am a 5th grade teacher in Baltimore' is fine...there are a lot of you, and we do not read minds...just lots of essays.

Can I visit High Meadows?
Sure! We are open year 'round, though we have closed reservations for a time in 2016 anticipating time to get the new owners acclimated to their new digs. If you're asking about just stopping in, well, use your best judgement...we are busy welcoming and caring for our guests, so rooms are often occupied and off limits to visitors anyway. The photos on the website are very good, and I'll be posting more on the blog as the contest continues. 

How do I know you won't pick your best friend to win?
We are using a professional contest software company to power our online entries, and one of the things we liked about them was the fact that the readers and judges DO NOT SEE ANY NAMES or addresses associated with the entries...each essay is automatically assigned a number, and that's how the judges and readers know the essays! 

If you submit your entry via postal mail, all of your information, and your essay, is entered into the online system so it too is made anonymous. 

We truly want to pass High Meadows to someone who has best conveyed their dream and the passion for their essay, and we are doing our very best to ensure this happens.

What if you don't get 5,800 entries?
First of all, we may opt to extend the deadline if it looks like we are close to the goal. Our dream is to be able to really make someone's Christmas morning amazing, and to stick with our November 30 deadline - but if we need to extend it, we will.

Second, we have the option of moving forward with the contest even if we receive fewer than 5,800 entries. So that's a possibility. 

Third, if (and we are praying this is NOT the case!) the contest just simply doesn't have enough people who want to enter, then we will refund the entry fee to those who did enter within 30 days of the cancellation of the contest. 

What do I get if I win?
Pretty much everything here you'd need to be a B&B! We do have some personal items around the inn, but for the most part, the photos you see depict the inn as you will receive it. There are plenty of gardening tools, kitchen supplies, the equipment, the washers/dryers - all the backend stuff too. We know the new owner will most likely be bringing plenty of their own personal stuff too - and we have a month or so after the winner is chosen to work together so we are all happy with what comes with the inn. We say this because, though cynics might think there wouldn't be enough stuff transferred to the winner to really run an inn - we know from experience that often TOO MUCH can be left! It took us months to clean out storage sheds, attics, closets and such when we first arrived, and that is something we hope to not burden the next owner with. 

Also, the website/domain ownership, membership in local, state and national organizations, business phone number, etc will also be transferred. The idea is that, should the winner choose, the business can continue seamlessly while the new owner makes High Meadows their own!

Lastly, we have been asked - no, Ariel our puppy will not be given with the inn. Two of the cats, Trisket and Chester don't know any other home, are strictly outdoor 'barncats', and they will stay. Our black and white kitty, Hug, and our puppy, Ariel, will be coming with us, as firmly stated by my teenagers.  

Oh, and the chicken coops will be empty and ready for new occupants, should you choose to have a flock or two!

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Local and authentic with a twist! Come visit High Meadows for a 21st century take on the old-fashioned bed & breakfast. Think all Victorian houses are stuffy and full of old lace? Think again.

The house is blend of simple Federalist style and later Italianate Victorian, but the details are very much in the now. WIFI, soft & cozy pillows, the finest Anichini linens & local, organic food are only a few of the things we take for granted. Privacy when you want it, concierge service when you need it. - we've got your getaway covered.

Wineries? Cideries? Museums? We know the best places for food and fun. Maps or apps, whatever your style we'll get you there!

If you are a baby boomer who doesn't feel your age, or a millennial who has never tried a B&B - trust us, you won't be disappointed.

So come on, what are you waiting for? Let us show you why we love Charlottesville!




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