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Essay Contest

How do I enter?
First, scroll down and read the Official Rules. Most questions can be answered there.

Second, use the online entry form for the quickest and most secure way to tell us about your dream! Or, if you will be sending your entry through the mail, read the rules again for WHAT information we need and WHERE to send it.

That's it! 

What does it mean when you say 'don't include identifying information in your essay"? I want to tell you about myself!
Of course you do, and we want to hear it! We mean that - since we are doing everything possible to keep things anonymous - you should absolutely not use your real names in your essay, or phrases like, "I was Cynthia's roommate in 1985" because that is a specific person that we will be able to identify without lifting our eyes from the page. Saying 'I am a 5th grade teacher in Baltimore' is fine...there are a lot of you, and we do not read minds...just lots of essays.

Can I visit High Meadows?
Sure! We are open year 'round, though we have closed reservations for a time in 2016 anticipating time to get the new owners acclimated to their new digs. If you're asking about just stopping in, well, use your best judgement...we are busy welcoming and caring for our guests, so rooms are often occupied and off limits to visitors anyway. The photos on the website are very good, and I'll be posting more on the blog as the contest continues. 

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Local and authentic with a twist! Come visit High Meadows for a 21st century take on the old-fashioned bed & breakfast. Think all Victorian houses are stuffy and full of old lace? Think again.

The house is blend of simple Federalist style and later Italianate Victorian, but the details are very much in the now. WIFI, soft & cozy pillows, the finest Anichini linens & local, organic food are only a few of the things we take for granted. Privacy when you want it, concierge service when you need it. - we've got your getaway covered.

Wineries? Cideries? Museums? We know the best places for food and fun. Maps or apps, whatever your style we'll get you there!

If you are a baby boomer who doesn't feel your age, or a millennial who has never tried a B&B - trust us, you won't be disappointed.

So come on, what are you waiting for? Let us show you why we love Charlottesville!




Check Availability and Make Reservations

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